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Frozen Meat

by Rainbow Tech 04 Feb 2023
Frozen Meat
If you work in the food/meat industry long enough, you'll hear endless debates about frozen and fresh food. Fresh meat is regarded as a completely different experience than frozen meat by some chefs and cooks. There are those who claim their flash-frozen meat keeps the meat fresh longer and claim "Frozen is the new fresh". Ideally, fresh, whole foods only contain one ingredient. It is essential to ensure that you consume all the recommended nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The term "frozen food" refers to food that consists of multiple ingredients. In addition to sugars, preservatives, dyes, and saturated fats, the food industry typically adds additional sugars, preservatives, and trans fats. Why is Frozen Meat Bad for You? #GodavariCuts There is a general belief, even though it has not been completely proven, that people who eat frozen meat are generally unhealthier than those who do not eat frozen meat. These people have a harder time getting their recommended intake of nutrients because of all the added chemicals and processing. This evidence is convincing because it is consistent and reliable. Certain animal studies have also given credence to this claim. Using rats as an example, studies have shown that eating frozen meat can increase the risk of developing bowel cancer. The message is clear: frozen meat contains chemicals that can cause harm. It is better not to consume those chemicals. Benefits of Having Fresh Meat by Godavari Cuts Fresh meat such as live/fresh fish is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats are essential for a healthy heart and brain. Several types of cancer have also been found to be slowed by these acids. Another advantage of fresh meat is that it contains more Vitamin E, a vitamin that helps with hormone regulation as well as supporting heart, respiratory, brain, prostate, and breast health. Unlike fresh meat, frozen meat contains things that are not naturally present. Preservatives, additives, and nasty chemicals. They're all harmful for your health. Thus, eating frozen meat a lot rather than fresh meat may increase the risk of chronic disease & cancer. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle by saying no to frozen meat and by consuming live meat at Godavari Cuts.

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